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A Web Content Management System (Web Content Management System - WCMS) is a software system that allows website creation, website pages administration and their content, using of management tools designed so that even users with little computer knowledge can create and manage content in a quick and easy way.

A Web Content Management System usually requires an system administrator and / or web developer to add features.It is therefore a maintenance and editing tool intended primarily to non-technical staff.

Would you like your website having any responsive design?

The advantages of such a website is that it can be seen on many devices such as: desktops, tablets, mobile phones, and it may be managed through the same administration panel.

This responsive version is automatically included into the MC PageManager Web Platform, meaning that the developer does not need to pay responsive attention while creating a website or a web application.

 MC PageManager 1.0     MC PageManager 1.1    MC PageManager 1.3

You will be offered for selling these web applications,too:

  • GMapOffice
  • WireBillboards
  • SmartMailSystem
  • RoWebSys
  • Blog
  • MC Quiz Poll Sustem


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